101 Things

This is my second list of 101 things to try to accomplish in 1001 days. You can view my first list from 2013 here.
Start Date: August 20, 2016
End Date: May 18, 2019

In no particular order:

1. Come up with 101 things [August 2016]
2. Learn to drive stick shift
3. Make homemade ramen
4. Defend thesis/ graduate! [March 2018]
5. Hike Old Rag in Shenandoah
6. Watch the Gilmore Girls Revival on Netflix [November 2016]
7. Hike the Eno River Trail from West Point to Pleasant Green Dam
8. Have a picnic in the Duke Gardens
9. Go back to Charlottesville for a visit
10. Play Risk Legacy
11. Do yoga outside [May 2017]
12. Visit 5 new US cities*[Cleveland]
13. Try rock climbing
14. Visit 4 new countries*[France - September 2016]
15. Read 30 new books*[29/30 You'll Grow Out of It; I Let You Go; Tell Me Three Things; The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo; Falling; Sweetbitter; Hillbilly Elegy; Losing It; Born A Crime; The Dollhouse; Behind Closed Doors; Talking As Fast As I Can; Caraval; My Not So Perfect Life, The Chemist; Small Admissions; Fitness Junkie; Every Wild Heart; Small Great Things; Lady Jane Grey; Little Fires Everywhere; That Night; The Passenger; Sharp Objects; It Ends With Us; Dear Reader; Educated; Before We Were Yours; Love and Other Words]
16. Go blueberry picking in North Carolina [June 2017]
17. Bike the entire American Tobacco trail
18. Send birthday cards to 10 friends/family members
19. Wear cute outfits with makeup every day for one week each season
20. Do 5 consecutive pull ups
21. Master a hand balancing yoga pose on a SUP [September 2016 - Bakasana]
22. Go back to Disney World
23. Take a day trip to the beach
24. Watch 3 movies I haven’t seen referenced by Gilmore Girls*[Working Girl; The Godfather Parts 1 &2]
25. Eat dinner at a restaurant alone [September 2016 - Toro Pizzeria]
26. Visit the Biltmore Estate in Asheville
27. Take a free online class
28. Go to yoga three times a week for 3 consecutive months
29. Rent a beach house in the Outer Banks*
30. Visit Paris[September 2016]
31. Get an ice cream cone from the Parlour
32. Go to a Duke ACC tournament basketball game
33. Get a blowout at a drybar
34. Pay off student loans [April 2018]
35. Take Ziva hiking on 2 new trails
36. Watch a sunset while eating ice cream on the MapleView Farms porch
37. Hit a bucket of golf balls at a driving range
38. See Iliza Shlesinger perform live again*
39. Surf in San Diego
40. Visit a National Park
41. Photograph 3 new waterfalls
42. Explore an NC state park
43. Do a Walking tour of the Lemur Center
44. Get a cocktail at the rooftop bar at the Durham Hotel [March 2017]
45. Try 5 new restaurants in NC[Counting House; Luna Rotisserie and Empanadas; Taberna Tapas; Viceroy; Goorsha ]
46. Inspire someone to make their own list [March 2018]
47. Make my yoga teacher website*
48. Go back to Seattle for a visit[July 2018]
49. See a movie in the theater [August 2017 - The Big Sick]
50. Drink 80 oz of water a day for at least a week
51. Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night for a week
52. Go to a Durham Bulls game
53. Get a massage[November 2016]
54. Get my clothes that need it tailored
55. Read 3 books I haven’t read referenced by Gilmore Girls*
56. Make ravioli from scratch [April 2018]
57. Grow cherry tomatoes in my garden
58. Do handstand in yoga without the wall
59. Learn how to change a car tire
60. Bake bread from scratch
61. Hit more than 5 sporting clays in 1 round
62. Set aside at least ten minutes to meditate everyday for a month
63. Learn to catch and filet a fish
64. Go to a Durham Food Truck Rodeo
65. Make a new friend
66. Send 5 postcards while traveling*[France- 2016, Italy- 2017x2]
67. Organize my Gmail inbox
68. Figure out MailChimp and start an email list as a yoga teacher [April 2018]
69. Get a spa treatment at the Umstead spa
70. Go back to Disney World
71. Check out one of the art exhibits (and cool bathrooms) at the 21c Hotel[February 2017]
72. Vote in the next election![November 2016]
73. Make Margarita cupcakes
74. Get a henna tattoo
75. Learn how to play three chords on the guitar*
76. Make something out of wood
77. Play a round of frisbee golf
78. Go to the batting cages
79. Open a cookbook to a random page and make that recipe
80. Experiment substituting other citrus fruits in lemon ricotta pancakes recipe
81. Go on a yoga retreat[Italy - September 2017]
82. Reread A Midsummer Night's Dream
83. Go to a show at DPAC
84. Take a Zumba class
85. Get certified in CPR [August 2016]
86. Buy a pair of red pumps
87. Try listening to an audiobook
88. Go to a concert
89. Color in an "adult" coloring book
90. Make a pie on Pi day
91. Explore the High Line in NYC
92. Go camping
93. Walk across a slackline without falling off
94. Learn to turn around on said slackline and walk back
95. Go stand up paddleboarding in the ocean
96. Hike the Mt LeConde trail in the Smoky Mountains
97. Buy Eat Clean Live Well by Terry Walters (finally) and make 3 recipes
98. Complete Duolingo in French*
99. Vote in a non-presidential election [November 2017]
100. Post about each thing accomplished*
101. Put $10 into savings for each thing accomplished

22/101 completed
13/101 in progress


  1. Hi Sam,
    You inspired me to start my own list :) I guess you can cross that one off your list now!

  2. And the profile link didn't seem to work in the previous comment, so here it is: